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Livingstone Orchards

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NT Dried Mangoes 80g Share Pack

$8.40 $12.00

Livingstone Orchards have created a healthy product and natural snack, 100% natural dried fruit retains the delicate flavors while being preservative and additive free.


No colors, flavors, preservatives, additional sugar or sulfur used in the drying process or in the final product.


-Tropical Harvest

-Gluten free

 -Dairy free

 -Preservative free

-Sulphur free

 -No artificial colours or flavours Nothing Added


Mangoes are widely considered as the 'King of Fruit' due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals found in the fruit.


rich in a variety of phytonutrients, vitamins A, C and E which are necessary for healthy skin and the immune health

provide a fast energy boost thanks to the naturally occurring carbohydrates (1/2 cup serving = 50g carbs)

ease digestion issues, such as heartburn and stomach discomfort, by balancing acid levels

contain dietary fibre which helps to keep us 'regular' (1/2 cup serving = 3.7g dietary fibre)


Notable Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-oxidants:


Vitamins C + E which help to keep our skin and bones healthy and strong

Vitamin B6 which helps to keep our brains functioning by producing neurotransmitters

Potassium for a healthy brain

Iron to produce red blood cells

Calcium for strong bones and healthy skin

Copper, Magnesium, Niacin and Selenium


This fruit dries at a ratio of 10:1


Feel Good about snacking!


-listing price is for 80g

-postage prices can vary for kilos for elsewhere please message for quote

-postage within Australia will be sent via AustPost Express bags





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