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Sapodilla 30g


Sapodilla, The fruit that Feeds Your Sweet Tooth

Around the world Sapodila are also known as zopota, chikoo, ... Their taste is best described as caramel, brown sugared pear and they can be eaten peeled and sliced.

To tell if a Sapodilla is ready to eat, gently scratch off a little of its brown fuzz—if the skin beneath is green, the fruit isn’t ready; if it’s brown and slightly soft to the touch, it’s ripe. Sapodilla is normally eaten fresh by cutting the fruit in half and scooping out the flesh with a spoon. (avoiding the seeds)

Here on the farm we have peeleed, deseeded and dehydrated them into delicious slightly chewing snacks.


No colors, flavors, preservatives, additional sugar or sulfur used in the drying process or in the final product.

-Tropical Harvest | Gluten free | Dairy free | Preservative free | No added Sulphur

-No artificial colours or flavours| Nothing Added to the drying process or storage process 

Fun Fact:

Recorded as a fruit that is almost universally eaten. The sap from this plant was used as the base for chewing gum. When burned, the wood gives off an aroma of incense.

History: Originates from Central America

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